Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Up for a Challenge

In May, 2018, Charlotte-the-Tall and I had a travel adventure: we drove my new-to-me car from Portland, Oregon to Orange County, Calif by way of Spokane, Washington (to visit the Quilting Auntie) visiting quilt shops all along the way. 


One of those shops was The Stitchin Post in Sisters, Oregon.
You may have heard of Sisters, Oregon because of the annual Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show.


While at the Stitchin Post, I purchased this fat quarter bundle.

Gleaned by Carolyn Friedlander (produced by Robert Kaufman).

Normally I do not purchase fat quarter bundles because usually there aren't enough fabrics in the bundle to complete an entire quilt project.

I made an exception with this bundle because the fabrics were so appealing and because it is a BIG bundle.  I thought I stood a good chance.



Now, nearly three years later I have the perfect quilt...

Long Time Gone (LTG) by Jen Kingwell. 
I've never tackled a project this challenging.

Example plucked from the internet.

My fabric choices are not as intense.

I am still auditioning....LTG requires many different fabrics.

Long Time Gone created by Charlotte-the-Tall

So, while I'm working on the June and July birthday quilts, I'll also be working on Long Time Gone.
Call me crazy, but I am so excited.  

I do believe I have my quilting mojo back!  And, this is one quilt I will keep for myself.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Fresh Inspiration !

Now that the baby sister's quilt is off to the LAQ, I'm looking down the list of birthday quilts.

The next birthday is the D-I-L in June and right behind her is the eldest g-daughter's 12th birthday in July.

I've decided on the patterns:

For the D-I-L, Jagged X.  A free pattern from Jordan Fabrics. HERE

This picture was plucked from FB.


 My color choice is blue and white; Robert Kaufman, Dappled Blue.

Now to decide on a pattern for the almost-a-teenager (who thinks she is 16, already!) 
It can't be too childish.

And the winner is......Cat Walk.  They have a cat, a black cat, who sits on their block wall and watches the world go by. 

This is also a free pattern, from Fat Quarter Shop.  HERE

My fabric choice is Elizabeth Hartman Library by Robert Kaufman.  Not too cutesy.

Then I have a bit of a break with the next birthday quilt needing to be ready mid-December for the littlest little "Q". 
She will be 2.  Here she is, wearing a dress her Auntie Ana wore when she was about the same age.


Happy Sewing!

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Catch Up Post


Ever have a catch up day?  That day when you tidy up all the loose ends of the week.
Consider this your Catch Up Post.

COVID or no COVID my workload is ramping up and the past week has been crazy busy. 
I will even be TRAVELING in a couple of weeks!  (she says with a bit of fear and trembling...)






Because the days have been long I have not been in the studio much. 
I did, however, work on the Tea Time quilt for my sister's birthday in April. 
I expect to finish the block assembly today.  

How I keep track of block placement.



It's unfortunate that, now that it is nearly all assembled, I notice a built-in focus point....
hummmmm.  Oh well....there are no quilt police***, right?

I still want to add at least one border but  because this quilt was created from a jelly roll there is no left-over fabric. A trip to the fabric store appears to be necessary.  I've been avoiding the fabric store....

As quilters we never stop learning....A while back I watched a video from
Just Get It Done Quilts about pressing blocks.  With these blocks I employed both the finger pressing technique Donna Jordan suggests in her video and  Karen's pressing technique from her video
I do believe these blocks are straighter and more true-to-size.

  Rounding out the week


 The son liked his birthday quilt...

Storm at Sea





My dear friend of more than 40 years, Jennifer, gave her log cabin a place of honor.  (and right this moment, in the entire Portland area, there is ice and snow...wonder if she fetched the quilt off the wall???)


Isn't this why we quilt?  

Quilts warm the body and the soul.

Happy Valentines Day to all

***Sam Gordon (who I do not know) has been posting these cute, quilt police blocks on the Collage Quilter FB page. 
Very creative.


An update on Sam Gordon and the Quilt Police blocks. He has his own FB page, Personal Patchworks.  HERE I believe I read somewhere on his page that he is putting together a pamphlet or pattern or something for the Quilt Police.
Wouldn't that be fun?!


Sunday, February 7, 2021

Super Sunday

 Another Super Bowl...I am not as ambivalent to Bowl games as I once was, now that I have ball-playing g-sons.


Still, sitting around for FIVE hours to watch a ONE hour game is not high on my list of favorite Sunday activities.

Instead I will be putting the binding on the now-completed Storm at Sea birthday quilt for my son. 
And, not a day too soon as his birthday is tomorrow.

My son served 6 years in the U.S. Coast Guard.  He loved his time at sea.  He says he only got sea sick once.... 
I get sea sick just watching the waves HERE.

The end result is much nicer that I thought it would be.  Can you see the waves?  

 You might remember that I did not pick the fabrics for this quilt. 
The Quilting Auntie gifted me a fat quarter bundle, Summer Breezes.

The end result is a bit scrappy, but I like it.
This quilt was born a year ago.  See Post HERE from January 22, 2020.





Faith, my LAQ did such a nice job.  The quilting looks like waves. 

A side note:  This quilt was paper pieced...that means many hours of ripping out paper and days and days of cleaning up the teeny shreds that flew all over the room.  Faith mentioned she had a pattern that uses special rulers and it is faster and easier.  Now that I've completed this Storm at Sea I may give her method a try creating another.   We'll start with one block!

The gifting is tomorrow, complete with cake and ice cream.


And This Day in History

Four years ago--Super Bowl Sunday with my quilting Auntie.

While the Unkie watched the game, Auntie, Gail and I hit the quilt Shops of Spokane.

Auntie in her Studio....How I miss her!

This is my memory every Super Bowl Sunday.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

A Look Back

Long-long-ago ....  The Mezzanine Room was a Plain-Jane room with no decorations.  It was a meeting room that anyone who lived in the apartments could use...but no none did...it sat empty.*

One day I picked up the key to have friends over for a sew day. 
I spent a day dragging supplies from my apartment over to the Mezzanine room....
getting all my 10,000 steps that day.

September, 2016 Sew Day

We had so much fun...people came and went as they felt the need.  We sewed, we ate, we laughed.  Then when it was all over I cleaned up the room and took the key back to the office.

We repeated this sew-day-process several times until one day the manager said "You should keep the key.  No one uses that room but you."  And the Tuesday night group, the Needlers, was born.

The Studio has changed a bit over the years...







Until, finally, it is all ours.

We have supplies, decorations, books, fabric and quilting stuff in every corner and in every cupboard.

People passing by are amazed when they stick their head in the door and look around.  We even had one new tenant to the building, Robert, stop in one night to talk about Nancy Zieman.  Turns out his late wife was a quilter....we set his mind to remembering and gave him a smile.

December, 2020

Because of COVID and social distancing, we are not officially meeting at this time except those of us who live on property and happen to cross paths from time-to-time.  But, we are looking forward to the day when we've all had our shots and are certain we're not rabid and we can get a group together again.   I miss my sew sisters.

Miss Kate is snapping the picture

Miss Kate

Studio Sweet Studio

*The property has 8 buildings and each building has a Mezzanine Room.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Freshen Up Your Look

Christmas has long been put away....anyone know how to decorate for January?  Think about it....October has Fall and Halloween; November has Thanksgiving; December has Christmas and February has Valentine's day.  There is nothing for January.  It is a chilly, boring month (where I live it never really gets COLD).  I suppose you could do something with
National Spaghetti Day or Learn-Your-Name-in-Morse-Code Day.  Click HERE for a full list of days to celebrate in January.

Instead, I decided to freshen up my living space.  As I continue to go through shelves and drawers of quilting and craft stuff,
I came across a piece of fabric that was originally intended for a skirt.  Well, that never happened.

So I decided to make sofa pillow covers, instead.



I like 'em!  Cheery.

The cover is a simple, envelope style with no zipper.  I watched a YouTube video by Jann Newton.  It was fast.  It was easy. 
I used this same method to make pillow covers for Christmas.

These covers are so fast and easy, you could have a different set for every month of the year! 
April 24 is National Pigs-In-A-Blanket Day and I have just the fabric!


In case you are wondering....it is left over from a quilt I made my nephew, Wilbur, in December 2015.  He likes pigs.  
I'm Charlotte....he is Wilbur.....get it?

Happy Sewing!

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Tips Worth Mentioning

Have ya'll discovered YouTube?  Of course you have.  You can find anything and EVERYTHING on YouTube.

Are you sad?  YouTube will make you smile:  Learn to Knit 

Can't sleep?  YouTube can either entertain you watching one of your favorite actors like Katherine Hepburn, or put you to sleep with soothing music.

Keep up with your favorite shows!  e-Bird commentary on 90-Day Fiance.  You don't even have to watch the show....e-Bird will sum it all up for you!

Likewise FaceBook is a wealth of information!  (Hide all the political stuff, that'll just drive you to drink!)  Here are a few of my favorites from each platform.


Turning narrow fabric tubes using an empty Aurifil thread spool.  HERE   This would have been so handy constructing Passiflora this past Christmas.  Look at those skinny arms!

All about bobbins:  The good, the bad and the ugly.  This post is specifically regarding Featherweight bobbins, but I found it helpful. The bottom line seems to be "don't buy cheap."

Finishing the quilt binding!  It drives me crazy!  I always manage to get it twisted up and then I have to employ Jack-the-Ripper.  Karen of Just Get It Done quilts makes it look easy.


The older we get, the smaller the eye on that needle!  Thread the needle using a toothbrush!
is an alternative method.  Either way, no spit on the thread!  ick....


I didn't even KNOW I was supposed to clean my scissors!





An interesting method to mark quilt rulers to make cutting fabric faster and more accurate using Incredible Tape By Marathon Threads.  I found a similar product on Amazon.



Good quilt block pressing method.  I've seen a tailor's clapper used, as well.




You're welcome and I leave you with the beautiful music of Miss Cynthia Lin.