Monday, August 7, 2017

Epic Movie Remake

Movie remakes.  Sometimes they are a success and sometimes you just cannot improve on the original.

But, in my case, the daughter-requested curtain remake project was a huge success!!!

I did not try the curtain grommets again....I decided I'm just not a curtain grommet girl. (That was expensive discovery...)

Instead I opted for back tab curtains.  I looked up the "how to" on YouTube.  Isn't the net grand?!
If you're interested in this technique, click HERE.

They are lined and the hem is weighted.

I'm pretty pleased with them.

Now that that little chore is finished, I can move on to something fun, like getting the binding on my mom's piggy hanging and the binding on my "plum quilt."  The projects just go on and on....

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