Friday, March 9, 2018

Ahhhhhh.... A Day Off

Work has been crazy busy, but I have today off.....

...I have a long list of things to do today, but here I sit in my jamies.....ahhhh. 
Sipping coffee and looking a quilt photos on the Internet.

With Work being as busy as it has been, I'm tired at the end of the day and that would normally keep me from spending evenings in the sewing room.  I just want to veg-out with a glass of wine and watch trash TV. 

One thing that has helped was starting "a group."

I've committed to being in the Mezzanine Room every Monday night from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  Several ladies from here in the apartments show up and we sew.  Some quilt, some sew on their tote bags and some knit.  It has been fun, and productive.

I've finished several UFOs and even knocked out a pile of mending. 

AND, I'm getting to know my neighbors, and they are getting to know me....
Kate, Linda and Wanda and our one "off-property" member, Charlotte S.

I'm thinking we should have a name.....

Saturday, February 10, 2018

A Journey of a Thousand Miles....

...begins with the first step.

2018 is the year of the UFO (or as some call "Unfinished Objects", PhD, "Projects Half Done.")  I joined up with  American Patchwork & Quilting UFO Challenge. 

The first thing was to complete our list of 12 items that we want to complete this year.  I went a bit crazy and filled out three sheets, some of them not true UFOs as they had not even been started.  But, I wanted to see on paper all the UFOs or projects I had swimming around in my head.  It ended up way more then I imagined.

Then each month AP&Q will post a number, that is the number you are supposed to work on that month.
January was #12.  Well my #12 was to alter some work pants and shirts....boring... not done. Instead I finished the binding on my grandson's quilt.  And, even though I did the binding by machine, the quilt is so big, it took me 4 hours to get that binding on!!

Yards and yards of binding


The number for February is #9.  My #9 is to work on The Gypsy Wife....
ahhhh, The Gypsy Wife is a really complicated pattern.  I did complete the first block, but it seems like too big a project to complete in one month.

The Gypsy Wife and Block #1

Instead, I finished my niece's two baby quilts, which is project #2 on my list. (I will work on The Gypsy Wife this month, but it won't get finished this month, of that I am sure.)

Disappearing four patch for grand niece #1
Snowball for grand niece #2


Both of these tops were pieced from scraps....isn't it interesting that while creating from the scrap pile, you create more scraps??!!

While I'm not following the "rules," I am moving forward with completing UFOs.  That counts, right?

Got UFOs? Join the Challenge, Click here.
Interested in The Gypsy Wife?  Click here.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Slow and Steady...

I am still in the working stage of life (and truth be told, probably will work until I graduate to heaven.)  My job requires that I travel A LOT.  I just returned from Vancouver, B.C. yesterday and am leaving for Fresno, CA today.

So, how does a body continue to move forward with their UFOs while on the road?

For me, it depends on how much time I'll be in a particular city.  For example, sometimes when
I travel to Vancouver, B.C. I will be there a as long as two weeks.

In those instances, I take Miss Ellie with me and set up shop in the hotel room:

It is always a bit amusing to hear the comments from the TSA agents..." Is THAT a sewing machine?!"  Why, yes.  Yes it is.

Other times I'll take some sort of handwork.  This past week (and this next week) I'm working my way through a pile of scraps; trimming them into useful sizes.  I don't have any particular project in mind.

Sizes will start at 5" and graduate down by .5" to 2".  I also cut strips to use in Bonnie Hunter's scrap patterns.

My grandson made his quilt with 5" squares I'd already cut from scraps.

The secret to moving forward is.... slow and steady wins the race.

Happy Sewing.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Desert Lily Quilters Guild Quilt Show Entries

The Desert Lily quilters are a talented group.
There were so many beautiful quilts at the show.  Here are but a few.

This quilt was hung very high so I could not get a very good shot.
I think it is stunning.

Some day I'm going to make a Hunters Star.

A selfie.

Paper pieced starts in soft purples
The picture does not do it justice.

This quilt gave me a good idea... take the extra, left over blocks I have and add a cat silhouette.  Instant, cute quilt.

I love paper pieced stars.

Auntie with her second entry "Tuxedo Tales"
The Desert Lily Quilt Show is always the second weekend of January.  Pretty quilts, a good variety of vendors and nice, nice people.  And, there are lots of inexpensive places to stay.  A fun, inspirational weekend for not a lot of cash.  Mark your calendar.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Road Trip !!

Road to California?  No.
AQS in Paducah?  No.
Quilt Con?  No.

Desert Lily Quilters Guild Quilt Show in Yuma, AZ

Most every year, on the second weekend of January I travel to Yuma, AZ to visit my quilting-buddy and snow bird Auntie and help out at the Desert Lily Quilt show.  This year I'm taking my quilting pal, Charlotte S., with me... yep, the two Charlottes on the road.  
Thelma and Louise?  More like Mutt and Jeff.  I'll let you figure out who is who.

It's a long drive from So. Cal. to Yuma, AZ.

The landscape is rugged, but with a rugged beauty.

As we drove, we chatted away and solved all the world's problems; world hunger, global warming, the next door neighbor's barking dog.

And, truth be told, Yuma is a nice little the winter...Not sure I could handle those summer temps.

The Desert Lily quilters are a very talented bunch, but the MOST talented of them all is my very own Auntie,
Nyla Stoughton.

She won first place AND the Silver Dollar award (100 Silver Dollars) for her "Birdies."
A set of 12 wall hangings, one for each month, hand appliqued in wool.

Nyla Stoughton

She is so talented.  I am blessed to call her "my auntie", quilting buddy and mentor.

Charlotte Smith, Charlotte Q (me) and Auntie
Tomorrow, I will post more show entries...beautiful, all.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Welcome 2018 - The Year of the UFO*

I am associated with a number of quilting Facebook pages:  Quilt Along with Pat Sloan, Scrappy Girls Club; Panel Quilts; Thrifty Quilters .... there are tons of quilting-related Facebook pages to choose from.

It is so fun to follow these pages!  I get a lot of inspiration as well as making friends.

A consistent theme for the new year seems to be finishing up UFOs.

And if that is not enough to motivate you.... Pat Sloan is having a "UFO Challenge."

If you want to participate in Pat Sloan's challenge, click HERE.

Even though I did finish a few UFOs last year, I have more... So I think I'll jump on the UFO band wagon.  How about you?

I spent a little time this afternoon putting together my list.  They are not all quilts, but they are all sewing projects.

 So here we go! UFO completing into 2018.

*Unfinished Object

Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Party's Over

"The sky is falling!!" yelled Chicken Little!!!!

Do you remember the scare of "Y2K"  All the computers in the world were going to stop working; planes would fall from the sky; the Stock Market would crash.
"Stock up on food and water!!!" they warned.

Here we are, SEVENTEEN years later! (And, BTW, none of their predictions came true.  Everything was just fine. But didn't we all run around like Chicken Little?)

Who would have imagined that 17 years would fly by that fast!

And that is exactly what happened to 2017.
The Year flew by in a blur!!

Now that the year is kaput, what do I have to show for it?

UFO's completed in 2017

Nephew, Joseph's tee-shirt quilt.
Gifted at Thanksgiving, 2017.
Only two years after his graduation...don't judge.

Grandson's quilt.  While technically not totally completed, it IS at the LAQ and so still needs binding, but it is close enough.

Baby Sister's Wall Hanging
This cute, cute, cute little ditty made me chuckle and think of my baby sister... I do so miss her and my dad, who lives next door.

She opened it Christmas Morning and said she loves it :-)


New Projects started and completed in the same year!! 
(what a concept!)

Piggy Wall hanging in memory of my mom, Dona, and in honor of my quilting buddy, Aunt Nyla (mom's sister.)

Baby Quilt for my D-I-L's sister.  This was a last minute project that I put together while traveling for business.  The little family now in North Dakota...good thing I put minky on the back.

Pat Sloan's "Let's Go Sew" I made just for me, to hang in my sewing room.

Last, but not least, various and miscellaneous fun stuff.
Fabric Snowflakes; pillowcases; Flip & Stitch Wreath
Projects on the list for 2017 that will roll over to 2018
Splendid Sampler Quilt

Another sister's house warming quilt.  I had hoped to get it to her for Christmas.  Now I'm aiming for her birthday...July.

I'd like to say this is the only UFO on the list, but I don't want to start out the year telling a fib.


Happy New Year, Everyone!  May the new year bring you many happy hours in your sewing room.